Are you ready to release judgement and understand why you "CRAVE" what you "CRAVE"? 



The Journey of Valour is a 12-week 1:1 healing space for women to embark upon the journey from separation to union with self to end cycles of emotional/binge and disordered eating through connecting to 3 core principles of self-responsibility, profound courage, spiritual and body connection. 


This journey activates the keys to strength, balance, fun, and exploration of self to come to a place of full commitment to yourself within choosing in every moment to be powerful.  and reach optimal health in all areas of your life


I work with every part of you, from your mind to your body and spirit, to holistically support you to discover your inner warrior, and get your life not just on track, but to a place where you’re living courageously in alignment with your values and tapped into your full power.


The Unraveling

When you have blocks or your chakras are not functioning optimally there are physical and emotional manifestations in your life and body. You can feel lacking in drive/purpose, disconnected from yourself, and stuck in pain.

This is a 60-minute energy clearing session via Zoom to use my unique intuitive modality to clear blocked, stuck, or stagnant energy from your chakra centers to open to you deeper levels of groundedness, centredness, sensuality, and self-connection.


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